George RR Martin circa 1998

Yes, here is the master, George RR Martin being interviewed by Abe in 1998 as the ‘A Game of Thrones’ is being promoted in Australia. Before all the rest of the novels, the TV series, the DVD, the t-shirt and the tasty confectionery, we got him. So, into the time machine we go to 1998 and hear the fantasy maestro George RR Martin talk about what was to become a global sensation.

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Clive Barker interview circa 2000

As our first offering, we give you Clive Barker interviewed on Smeg Radio in 2000 for the release of his Coldheart Canyon novel. ¬†We talk about all sorts of stuff, including Abe’s minor¬†obsession with the Tortured Souls figures recently seen on AMC’s ‘Comic Book Men’ with Kevin Smith.


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