About Smeg Radio Redux

Smeg Radio Redux is the newest web incarnation of Smeg Radio.  One of the first SF and Fantasy radio shows in Australia, it ran for eight long years on 2RRR in Sydney starting in 1997.  In that time we interviewed hundreds of authors, actors and people connected with SF and Fantasy.  The site aims to bring some of that content together and share it with the world.  You never know, we might start interviewing peeps again!

and now…your hosts

Smeg Radio is hosted by Abe and Peter, both of whom have extensive experience in the SF area, which translated mean they both have no life and watch a hell a lot of TV and read a small municipal library worth of books every week.  They now live on opposite sides of the planet and are into very different things SF wise.  But you know what, this is a freaking time machine, so suck it up and listen for what its worth, old interviews with people who said some interesting stuff over 10 years ago.  :-)

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